What is UV DTF (Direct to Film) ?

In the world of object personalization, UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing represents a major innovation, radically transforming the approach of specialized workshops. This avant-garde technology allows direct printing on transfer film via a UV DTF printer, greatly simplifying the marking of a multitude of objects, without the need for specific equipment.

Simplifying Customization without Press or Special Equipment

UV DTF printing stands out for its ability to offer workshops total autonomy in producing their markings, without the use of a press or specific equipment. This facility is a considerable asset, especially for small businesses or workshops wishing to minimize their costs, take over often outsourced object customization operations internally, and improve their efficiency as well as their margins. Thanks to UV DTF transfers, the personalization of objects becomes more direct, economical, and independent of expensive and bulky tools.

Adaptability to a Wide Range of Media

One of the major strengths of UV DTF lies in its versatility. Compatible with a wide variety of smooth, rigid, non-porous and uneven materials (wood, metal, glass, ceramic, etc.), this technique is ideal for personalizing various objects, such as mugs, water bottles, pens, lighters. , glasses, and much more. This flexibility opens up a range of possibilities for workshops, allowing them to meet the varied needs of their customers.


Remarkable Quality and Durability

UV DTF printing also stands out for the superior quality and durability of its markings. UV-cured inks guarantee a flawless finish and vibrant colors, resistant to fading and moderate rubbing. Workshops can thus offer their customers high-quality personalized products, at attractive prices for small and medium-sized series.

Speed ​​and Efficiency of the Marking Process

The DTF UV transfer marking process is characterized by its speed and efficiency, essential assets for workshops with high production requirements or tight deadlines. Transfers are installed manually in just a few minutes, without the need for special equipment.

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An Economical and Accessible Solution

Beyond its economic aspect in terms of operating costs, UV DTF transfers represent an advantageous marking technique for small and medium series, offering a reduced cost. Thus, it is possible to easily and quickly personalize a few objects, such as water bottles for customers, in record time.

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Limitations of UV DTF

However, UV DTF has certain constraints:

  1. Unsuitable for washing in a dishwasher: Objects personalized by UV DTF should not be washed in the dishwasher, as this may damage the marking.
  2. Sensitivity to friction: Although resistant to light friction, the markings can wear away with more intense or repeated friction.
  3. Variable longevity: The markings have great durability indoors, especially on surfaces that are rarely handled. On the other hand, they have a shorter lifespan outdoors or on heavily used objects.
  4. Less economical for large quantities: Although UV DTF is cost-effective for small and medium batches, the cost can become high for large quantities, compared to other marking techniques.


UV DTF printing therefore stands out as a revolutionary solution for personalization workshops, offering simplicity, versatility, quality, speed and economic accessibility. This technology makes it possible to effectively respond to current needs for personalization of objects, opening the way to new creative and commercial opportunities for professionals in the sector.