Personalized DTF printing > the technique

Direct-To-Film ( DTF) transfer film is a relatively new marking technique that has recently gained popularity among printers and textile retailers.
Unlike other marking methods such as embroidery, sublimation and DTG ( Direct-To-Garment), DTF stands out for its affordable production cost and unique advantages.

What is the process for printing your DTF transfer?

The DTF marking process relies on the use of specially designed DTF CMYK inks and a special DTF film.

To achieve optimal results, white ink is also necessary as a base, especially when printing on dark fabrics. The film is then coated with hot adhesive powder while the ink is still wet.
After that, it goes through a curing oven or heat press.
The final step involves using a heat press to transfer the printed image onto the textile of your choice.
Thanks to the white ink layer, DTF prints are high quality and suitable for both light and dark fabrics.

The advantages of DTF transfer for textile professionals

One of the main strengths of DTF is its durability.
DTF film is stretchable and stands up to daily wear and tear without cracking easily. In addition, this marking technique is relatively simple to handle and adjust to achieve bright, accurate colors.
DTF print quality is excellent, with adhesion to textiles superior to some Direct-To-Garment (DTG) marking methods.
In addition, fans of "soft touch" will be delighted, because DTF allows you to obtain a similar sensation, which is very appreciated by consumers.

A reasonable DTF transfer rate

Another key advantage of DTF is its affordability.
Compared to DTG, DTF requires a lower initial investment, making it profitable on all levels.
In addition, it offers great flexibility in terms of choice of fabric colors, exceptional elasticity without cracking, as well as high resistance to washing and wear.
These features make it an attractive option for those looking for a cost-effective, durable, and high-quality textile marking method.

DTF transfer printing for professionals

DTF transfer printing proves to be an essential option for professionals wishing to personalize their textile in a unique and impactful way. Whether you want to create your own brand, communicate with your company logo, or impress as an influencer or at special events, DTF offers exceptional versatility. For influencers, it allows them to create clothing in their image, thus strengthening their identity and their online presence. For SMEs, it offers a cost-effective solution to promote their logo and message, while larger brands can benefit from high-end customization. Finally, in the events industry, DTF transfer helps create unique outfits and promotional items that leave a memorable impression, making this technology a valuable resource for all businesses focused on textile customization.