Materials compatible with DTF

The world of DTF transfer is vast, but not all materials lend themselves to this technique. Our article explains which materials are compatible and which are not with DTF, guiding you towards the most judicious choices for your projects. Discover the secrets to a successful application and avoid common mistakes with PrintMyDTF.

Materials compatible

DTF printing is revolutionary because it offers great flexibility in choosing which materials to transfer onto. To help you navigate the world of textiles and ensure optimal results, here is an overview of materials commonly used with DTF transfers.

cotton material


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Polyester fabric

synthetic fabric


silk fabric


velvet fabric


lycra/spandex material


Materials not compatible

Here's an overview of materials that don't work with DTF transfers.

vinyl material


Latex material


synthetic leather material

Synthetic leather

plastic material

Solid plastic

metal material


acrylic material

Acrylic fibers

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