Passionate printers

Our history

Pioneers DTF in France

In 2020, managing e-commerce sites, one of our clients contacted us to personalize 250 black totebags with a multi-color lettering logo. The only constraint is no outlines!

A few months earlier, to produce micro-series of prototypes internally, we had converted an Epson L1800 to DTF. After extensive testing periods, we were beginning to understand DTF better and were impressed with the results of this new marking technology from Asia.

We therefore immediately thought of DTF for this customer request. So we looked for a DTF plate printer online, there was none!

After finally being forced to produce the prints ourselves at a rate of 13 minutes/print (I'll let you do the calculation), we decided to invest and create the first French DTF printing service.

specialists printing and user experience

Hello 👋, we are Martin and Axel, the founders of PrintMyDTF. Here's some of the PrintMyDTF team behind your prints:

An engineer by training, I spent several years with one of the leaders in personalized printing in France. Passionate about printing and marking techniques, it was only natural that I became interested in DTF from its beginnings. Now that I have become a real expert, I put my skills at the service of your impressions!


Graduated from a major business school, I learned my skills at Google before becoming a serial entrepreneur. Customer experience is my obsession! Today, I am committed to developing THE perfect DTF printing service for you.


I have spent the last 20 years organizing the production IT of a custom product printing company, which now generates millions of products each year. Computers and printing machines no longer hold any secrets for me!


After spending more than 15 years as customer service manager for a large ecommerce player in France, I joined the PrintMyDTF adventure in 2023 to bring my experience and my obsession with the customer experience.


Mise en place d'un film DTF

Passionate about machines and obsessed with meeting deadlines, I have been supervising and ensuring the production of digital printing machines for 10 years now. I joined PrintMyDTF in 2022.