DTF powder

DTF powder: what is it used for? What are its particularities? Why use it? Whether you are a professional in textile customization or just starting out, understanding the importance of DTF powder can have a significant impact on the quality of your final product. PrintMyDTF explains everything to you!


What is DTF powder?

In the world of textile personalization, DTF (Direct to Film) printing has become a revolutionary technology, and DTF powder is the unsung hero. This powder is an essential element that ensures that the ink adheres to the fabric during the thermal transfer process. When heated, the powder melts, creating a strong bond between the ink and the textile. The result is an impression that is not only very high-quality but also long-lasting. But why is DTF powder so popular? Discover its unique features and benefits!

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But what are its advantages?

Its grip

The first particularity of DTF powder is its high adhesion, and this is its main function! This ensures that the ink sticks firmly to the fabric, making the design durable and long-lasting to washing and wear .

Its versatility

Using DTF powder is simple. Once the design is printed on film, the powder is applied and only adheres to the areas where there is white. The film is then placed on the fabric and heat is applied to complete the transfer. This simplicity makes it accessible to both professionals and DIYers.

Its ease of use

DTF powder also happens to be very versatile. Indeed, it can be used on a wide range of fabrics: from natural fibers, such as cotton, to synthetic materials, such as polyester.

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The different colors of powder in DTF

There are two colors of DTF powder: white and black. Black powder is used very little. However, one of its main advantages is seen by its use on dark textiles: even if there is residue left, it will not be visible! It also prevents sublimation rising.
White powder is the nominal powder for DTF and is the most used.

What is the most used powder in DTF?

In DTF, the most used powder is polyurethane powder (PU), it is used at 98%. It is very popular because of its elasticity! (highly sought-after criterion in printing).
Polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA) powders are less used but have greater resistance to high temperature washing (60 degrees). They are therefore more often used for work clothing but lose elasticity.

Powder granularity: why is it important?

Several types of powder exist and they differ thanks to their granularity. For example, powder with a fine granularity favors small designs but is more volatile.
It is important to find the right balance in order to obtain optimal results.

The different granularities of the powder

  • Ultrafine : Between 0 and 80 microns. Ideal for fine details, but can be difficult to handle because it is very volatile.
  • Fine : Between 80 and 200 microns. Used for standard designs.
  • Coarse : Between 120 and 250 microns. Maybe a possibility but this granularity of powder is rather rare in DTF printing.

Storage of DTF powder

The storage time of the DTF powder may vary depending on several factors such as powder composition, storage conditions and manufacturer recommendations. In general, DTF powder can be stored for approximately 6 to 12 months if kept under optimal conditions.

3 storage conditions must be respected so that it is ideal:


It is recommended to store the powder in a temperature-controlled environment, typically between 20 and 25°C.


It is essential that the environment in which your powder is located is relatively humid. Indeed, if the air is too dry, the powder becomes volatile and spreads everywhere, especially if it is extra fine. You must therefore carefully control the humidity level in the room where you are printing.
You can measure the humidity in the air using hydrometers.


The powder should be stored in airtight packaging to avoid contamination or absorption of moisture.

Be careful not to forget to look at the expiration date of the powder, its quality, and to carry out a test before using it!

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Buy DTF powder: where to find it?

Do you want to get DTF powder? Several places are possible to obtain them!

Specialized online distributors

Websites focused on textile printing supplies often offer DTF powder.
Benefits :
- These retailers are often experts in the field of textile printing and can offer valuable advice.
– They usually offer a wide range of industry-specific products, including different grades and types of DTF powders.
- Products are often carefully selected and tested, ensuring high quality.
- Customer support is generally knowledgeable and can help resolve technical issues quickly.
- Being specialized, they often have sufficient stock, which allows rapid shipping.

- Products may be more expensive due to specialization and guaranteed quality.
- Shipping costs can be high, especially for smaller orders.
- Some specialty retailers may not ship to all areas, limiting your options.
- Although they have specialty products, the variety may be limited to a few brands or options.

Direct from the manufacturers

Some DTF powder manufacturers sell directly without going through private resellers. This option might be more cost-effective if you want to purchase in large quantities. At PrintMyDTF, this is the choice we made: to supply ourselves directly from our manufacturers!


- Buying directly from the source can often reduce costs, especially for bulk purchases.
- You get the product directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the risks of going through a middleman.
- You can get detailed and accurate product information directly from those who manufacture it.
- Manufacturers usually have a large stock, which can be beneficial for bulk orders.

- Some manufacturers have minimum order requirements, which can be a barrier for small businesses or individuals.
- Depending on your location and that of the manufacturer, delivery costs may be high.
- If the manufacturer is based abroad, delivery times may be longer.
- The return or exchange process may be more complicated compared to purchasing from a retailer, if not impossible.

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The price of DTF powder

It is important to emphasize that the price of DTF powder depends on several factors, such as quality, quantity, brand…

As with any other product, high quality DTF powders are often used for professional quality printing, and therefore can be more expensive than basic options.
However, if you are purchasing in large quantities, remember that this usually provides a cost per unit advantage.
Established brands may charge a premium for their products, which are often backed by quality guarantees and customer service.

Location-wise, import taxes, shipping charges, and local market conditions may also affect price.

For retailers, prices may vary between specialist suppliers, general online marketplaces and local distributors.

Typically, you can find DTF powder priced between $8 and $40 per kilogram, but this is a rough estimate and prices can vary widely.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's best to request quotes if you're planning a large purchase.
Always consider the total cost, including shipping and applicable taxes, when comparing prices!

Why is powder a key consumable in DTF printing?

If you work in the field of textile customization, you know that quality is king. DTF powder is a key element that defines the quality of the print, making it more or less resistant to fading and wear. A good choice of powder is therefore crucial for the satisfaction of your customers.

DTF powder is a fractional element between ink and textile. It is a key element which guarantees good elasticity (in order to avoid cracking), ensures good resistance to washing and allows ease of installation.