Hot peel or cold peel? The game !

There are many DTF film resellers offering different types of films: Hot Peel, Cold Peel, Hot & Cold Peel.

How to make your choice? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each of these solutions?

The Cold Peel has a significant advantage: the price.

It is cheaper because it has fewer surface treatments and is therefore less expensive to produce.

The Hot Peel presents a major advantage for textile customization companies: saving time.

DTF Hot Peel film allows hot peeling. You only have to wait a few seconds before you can remove it from the textile (the duration depends on the nature of the fiber and must be adjusted according to the personalized product in question).

At Printmydtf, we have chosen quality and service. Our DTF printing sheets are printed on DTF Hot Peel film, which allows our customers to save time during their textile personalization sessions.

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