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Personalized cup thanks to UV DTF

Personalized cup thanks to UV DTF

In a world where personalization is king, personalized cups represent an ideal canvas to express creativity and originality and promote your brand easily. The advent of the UV DTF (Direct to Film with UV ink) technique has brought a new dimension to this form of personal and professional expression.

What is a personalized tumbler?

A good way of promotion

You might think that a cup is just a simple drinking vessel. In reality, a personalized cup can have a much stronger marketing function than one might think.
A personalized cup can carry a message, a brand, or a unique design. These cups can be used to promote a business at events, as personalized gifts, or even as decorative items. Personalization can range from simple texts and logos to highly elaborate artistic designs.

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How to make your personalized cup?

Many techniques exist to personalize objects: pad printing, screen printing , digital transfer, etc.

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Today, PrintMyDTF introduces you to UV DTF as a revolutionary marking technique for objects and more particularly for cups.
Like standard DTF printing, UV DTF involves printing the chosen design on a film, then gluing it to the predefined surface.

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DTF and UV DTF: what are the differences?

Printing the design for a DTF UV application is roughly similar to that of a DTF print. The customer design is transferred to a RIP file, and is then printed using specialized printers.

The two main differences are the films used and the order of printing. For UV DTF, we use an “A film” which is pre-coated with glue and a “B film” without glue. In DTF, only one film is used: PET film.
In DTF printing, the design is covered at the end with an undercoat of white while a UV DTF design is first covered with an undercoat of white to then accommodate the design.

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How to stick a UV DTF design on a cup?

For sticking a UV DTF design on your cup, nothing could be simpler!

  • Clean your cup to remove any remaining dust on the surface.
  • Remove both films, leaving only the one with the design printed on.
  • Place it on the desired part of your cup and press firmly on the design using a small scraper to eliminate any air bubbles that may remain.

felt squeegee for UV DTF

Our advice for better hold: wait 5 minutes before removing the design. You can now remove the film, the design is transferred to your cup!

Warning: on supports with glass, we advise you to wait 10 hours (after removing the film) before handling the object.

The limits of UV DTF for a personalized cup

It is important to keep in mind that UV DTF only adheres to smooth, hard surfaces. If you want to put a UV DTF on a cup where the plastic is porous, the design will not stick!

Furthermore, UV DTF is not designed to withstand washing in the dishwasher. It is therefore recommended to use the personalized cups for special occasions, such as during events.

Finally, UV DTF is ideal for small series of 30 to 50 customizations, but can be expensive for larger quantities.

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