T-shirt transfer

The transfer is an ideal solution for being able to personalize many projects in a simple and efficient way.

By printing a pattern using inks placed on specialized paper, all textiles, accessories or even shoes can be personalized.
As a company, being able to offer your employees or customers a t-shirt, mug or tote bag bearing the image of your brand is an idea that is becoming increasingly popular!
There are different marking techniques to personalize your t-shirts. Print My DTF takes stock of the different solutions available to you.

Screen printing transfer

Screen printing transfer is one of the first solutions still widely used to print a pattern or logo on a t-shirt. The technique consists of heat transfer of previously printed screen printing inks onto an intermediate sheet of paper. To do this, it is necessary to use a press maintained at the right temperature to apply the transfer.
Very effective, this transfer method allows you to have durable patterns over time even after several washes and, above all, high definition. On light as well as dark fabrics and whatever the material of the t-shirt to be personalized, screen printing offers endless possibilities for customizing t-shirts!

DTF transfer

DTF or Direct to Film transfer uses a slightly different printing technique than screen printing. The visuals are thus printed in four colors on a plastic film allowing a large number of colors and details to be shown. Once the film has been printed, an underlayer of glue is then applied to be able to press the heat transfer and make the design appear on the t-shirt to be personalized. This very economical, cutting-free printing method makes it possible to produce textile transfers in very large numbers and at a lower cost.
This method will be ideal if you want to obtain personalized t-shirts in large quantities in good printing quality.

Iron-on transfer

To obtain a personalized t-shirt, it is also possible to use iron-on transfer . The model is mirror printed using a laser or inkjet printer on paper with an adhesive film. There are iron-on sheets for light textiles or for dark textiles. The transfer paper will then be heat pressed to affix the design to the t-shirt. Although quick to carry out, this method tends to give the pattern a less aesthetic cardboard appearance.

Why personalize your textiles with PrintMyDTF?

As a business leader, it is important to find original solutions to stand out from your competition and make your brand visible.

Offering personalized t-shirts can be a nice idea to make a difference! When organizing an event to differentiate your employees or to offer a souvenir to your guests, the personalized t-shirt will satisfy many people.

Are you a member of a sports association or are you organizing a sporting event within your company? Here is the ideal opportunity to create jerseys in your image thanks to textile customization ! Teams will be more than happy to have jerseys with their unique name and number.
Would you rather launch your own brand? Textile marking will be the ideal method to allow you to place your graphic creation on t-shirts or to customize other textiles in order to see your creation come to life.

At Print My DTF, we offer you the ability to print your DTF transfers in a short time, whatever the image you wish to print. We can therefore directly print all your transfers in large quantities and in the format of your choice using the DTF technique and send them to you so that all you have to do is affix them to all your textiles. . You can therefore give free rein to your imagination and create your t-shirts or promotional items on time according to your needs while benefiting from excellent value for money.

Don't want to worry about personalizing your clothes ?

We print for you!

We know that textile customization may not be the ideal solution for everyone, especially if your printing needs are sporadic or if you are still exploring the field of textile transfer. This is where PrintMyDTF comes in! As printing specialists, we put our expertise and cutting-edge technology at your disposal. This means you get high-quality prints without having to worry about the complexities and costs associated with textile selection. Entrust us with your printing projects, and we will carry them out with the precision and professionalism you deserve!