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DTF vs DTG : the comparison

DTF vs DTG : the comparison

Although revolutionary and constantly evolving, DTG (Direct to Garment or direct printing on textile) technology still faces several limitations: versatility.

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It is in this search for versatility that DTF (Direct to Film) technology appeared.

These transfers meet this need by allowing customization on a wide range of media (cotton, polyester, fiber blends, leather, nylon and much more) without even having to worry about their color.

Differences between DTG and DTF

Unlike DTG, applying DTF transfers does not require pre-treatment of dark textiles, which considerably reduces the costs of these customizations.

In terms of color rendering, DTF requires a white undercoat, which guarantees vibrant color rendering regardless of the color of the textile.

Regarding productivity, it is clear that DTG is far more productive. However, this is only true for people who want to carry out DTF transfers themselves. For those choosing to purchase their transfers using services like PrintmyDTF, productivity is comparable or even better (all without investment, maintenance, etc.).

As for the result, the two renderings are relatively different.
While DTG is integrated into the fiber, DTF remains more on the surface, with a thicker but more flexible feel and a shinier finish. This gives the DTF a higher quality feel in the colors, as the textile does not carry over into the print.


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