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Why such enthusiasm for DTF transfers ?

Why such enthusiasm for DTF transfers ?

DTF transfers are gaining momentum in early 2022.

One might legitimately wonder: is this a passing trend or a real technological revolution?

Before answering this question, let's go back to the needs of customization companies, let's go back to your needs.

DTF: An Advancement in Textile Customization ?

What we are all looking for:

Optimizing our costs

This involves reducing material costs as well as production times. The manufacturing process therefore plays a key role in cost optimization.

Satisfying our customers

This involves several levers.

The main ones being the triptych: quality / cost / lead time.

Therefore, it is necessary to produce quickly, at low cost, and well. Most often for small or medium volumes.

Limiting unpleasant surprises

Who can say, "I have never experienced production hiccups!"? Nobody.

Production hiccups are part of the game. But it is possible to reduce them by making certain choices, including subcontracting all or part of a production.

Until today, various technologies have had a significant place in the textile customization market:

  • Screen printing is one of the oldest. It involves dozens of manufacturing steps, which means it is generally only cost-effective for the simplest designs or for printing a large number of items.
  • DTG is one of the newest. Highly appreciated for achieving complex designs and unparalleled touch, DTG has limitations, especially on dark textiles (requiring pre-treatment and support white).
  • Silkscreen transfers / four-color transfers. Until today, they have been a good alternative but have many disadvantages: almost systematic presence of borders, thick feel, and significant cost for low volumes.

DTF printing is more durable and cheaper than other methods.
With the fashion industry's growing interest in sustainability, another advantage of DTF printing over traditional printing is its highly durable technology.

DTF printing is accessible even for low volumes. This notably avoids overproduction, a common problem in the textile industry. In addition, the ink used in the direct injection digital printer is water-based and more environmentally friendly.

In summary, PrintmyDTF offers you ultra-competitive rates!

No maintenance, no production hiccups, no color problems.

You create, we print, you press.

DTF is a real revolution and it's not a myth.

Nothing could be simpler: try it out for yourself!

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