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UV DTF : the latest from PrintMyDTF

UV DTF : the latest from PrintMyDTF

UV DTF is finally available at PrintMyDTF!

After textile customization, PrintMyDTF now offers object personalization using the UV DTF marking technique!

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UV DTF: The Long-Awaited Innovation at PrintMyDTF

UV DTF marks a significant milestone at PrintMyDTF.
This innovative technology combines practicality with quality to offer you a simple customization solution for your objects. It's ideal for small series and is cost-effective.

Objects personalized with UV DTF

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Why UV DTF is a Game-Changer?

  • UV DTF is an excellent quality marking technique for objects: colors are vibrant and designs come out precise.
  • This method requires no equipment: only your hands are needed to apply the design!
  • It's a simple technique to execute.
    How to Apply UV DTF Transfer?

Want to learn more about UV DTF? Check out our article What is UV DTF?

The Limits of UV DTF

Despite the simplicity of this object personalization technique, UV DTF has a few limitations:

  • This technique is not suitable for porous and flexible surfaces.
  • For glass, it's necessary to wait 10 hours for better adhesion before removing the customized film.
  • Dishwashing is not recommended: the film may peel off.
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