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The durability of DTF prints over time : What you need to know

The durability of DTF prints over time : What you need to know

DTF printing is a popular technique for customizing clothing and accessories (see UV DTF). When the transfer is properly applied, the durability of DTF prints is excellent. Prints can last between 50 and 60 washes on average, with a maximum washing temperature of 40° and no machine drying.

Conditions for DTF Prints

However, durability depends on several factors. Here are the most important elements to consider to maintain the quality of your DTF prints:

How You Wash the Clothes

The type of fabric, the frequency of washes, and the laundry products can all impact the lifespan of DTF prints. It's important to follow the washing instructions provided with the garments to avoid damaging the prints.

Conditions of Use

Clothing and accessories subjected to extreme conditions, such as high heat or repeated friction, can affect the durability of DTF prints. Taking care of your customized items is important to maximize their lifespan.

Quality of Transfer Application

The quality of transfer application depends on the number of press strokes and the pressure applied. It's important to follow the transfer application instructions to ensure optimal durability of the prints.

In general, the durability of DTF prints is excellent when key factors are considered. With proper care, you can enjoy your DTF prints for many years.

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