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DTF printing : buy a machine or use a printing service?

DTF printing : buy a machine or use a printing service?

When it comes to printing textiles with high-quality imagery, DTF is increasingly being utilized. It's a printing technique that allows for reproducing visuals with very precise details and can be used on different types of fabrics. However, when considering using this printing technique, the question arises: is it better to buy a DTF machine or use a DTF printing service?

Buying a DTF Machine

Recurring Use

Buying a DTF machine might seem like a good idea, but there are a few points to consider. Firstly, it's important to know that a DTF machine requires almost daily use to prevent clogging and should be stored in an environment with low temperature variations (18°C - 25°C) and humidity (30% - 50%). If the machine is not used regularly, the heads, nozzles, conduits, wetcaps, etc. may clog, leading to additional costs for changing these parts, not to mention the significant investigation time that may be required.

Complexity to Consider

Additionally, it's important to note that DTF machines are not easy to set up and maintain. There are many brands and sellers of machines in France, but few offer real effective support. Therefore, it's necessary to research and get trained to fully understand their operation. Support groups exist on social media, but it's often challenging to get a unanimous opinion on a given problem.

Significant Costs

Finally, one must also consider the cost of consumables, which can vary considerably depending on the quality of inks, powders, and films used. Therefore, finding quality suppliers is important but can take time.

However, if one is willing to invest and take the necessary time to learn, buying a DTF machine can be an excellent long-term solution.

Using a DTF Printing Service

Opting for a DTF printing service can be a good option if you want to avoid the costs and constraints associated with buying and maintaining a DTF machine. DTF printing services can offer high-quality results at an affordable cost and can produce large volumes in a short time. They can also provide advice on the choice of substrates, inks, films, and powders.

However, it's important to choose a quality DTF printing service with a good reputation and positive customer reviews.

If you're looking to produce DTF printing transfers for your business, the best option might be to work with a reliable and experienced DTF printing service like PrintMyDTF. With our team of qualified professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we can guarantee high-quality results, fast processing, and professional technical support at every step of the process.

PrintMyDTF is Here for You!

By choosing our service, you can avoid the costs of purchasing and maintaining a DTF machine, as well as the risks associated with managing equipment and consumables. You can also benefit from superior customer service and our technical expertise to optimize your designs and achieve the best possible results for your DTF printing transfers.

Of course, if you prefer to buy a DTF machine and manage it yourself, it's important to consider the costs associated with purchase, maintenance, and consumables, as well as investigation times in case of technical issues. We recommend buying at least two machines to avoid getting stuck in case of a breakdown.

The Choice is Yours!

In the end, the decision to buy a DTF machine or work with a DTF printing service depends on your specific needs and capabilities. At PrintMyDTF, we're here to help you find the best solution for your business and ensure superior quality results. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and offerings.

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