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The advantages of DTF printing for textile personalization

The advantages of DTF printing for textile personalization

DTF (Direct to Film) printing is a textile marking technique that offers many advantages over traditional techniques such as screen printing or flocking. In this article, we will introduce you to the main advantages of DTF printing for textile customization.

A Technique to Adopt

I. Cost-effectiveness

DTF printing is a very economical technique for textile customization. Indeed, it does not require high fixed costs such as creating screens in screen printing or cutting stencils in flex. Moreover, it is suitable for small and medium series, which allows for significant savings on production costs.

II. Color Printing

DTF printing allows for printing color patterns with exceptional quality. Unlike other textile marking techniques, DTF printing enables the creation of gradient or color shade patterns, without any creativity limits.

DTF printing

III. No Edge

DTF marking leaves no white edge around the printed pattern, unlike screen printing or flocking. This allows for a more aesthetic and professional result, even on dark fabrics.

IV. Printing on Transfer Films

DTF printing is done on transfer films, which can be stored for months without losing their quality. This allows for orders to be made in advance and stored for later delivery.

V. Easy Application with Transparent Film

DTF printing is very easy to apply on textiles thanks to a transparent film that allows for precise and quick placement. This avoids unpleasant surprises during application, especially for multi-color patterns.


DTF printing offers many advantages for textile customization, especially in terms of cost, color printing quality, aesthetic rendering, storage of transfer films, and ease of application. Feel free to contact our DTF printing service for all your textile customization requests.

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